Textile Playground is a temporary exhibition (june 2017 -> april 2018) at the IKEA Museum, in Älmhult, Sweden. It is built as a playground allowing the visitors to explore different aspects of textile design in a playful way. Uncanny Valley Studio was responsible for developing a website and three interactive mapping devices : Mönster Boll, Mönster Machine and Mönsterarkiv.

Mönster Machine | Using a drawing application, visitors can design patterns that are projected on IKEA furnitures in real time. The application introduces basic design concepts by offering the possibility to select a grid, various symmetries, colors and allows the visitors to sign their creation.

Mönster Boll | Designed for young visitors, Mönster Boll is a creative and playful installation that enables children to draw by rolling colored balls around. The size and the color of the balls induce the color and thickness of the lines drawn. The result is projected in real time on a piece of fabric.

Mönsterarkiv | Using a touch screen, the visitor browses a selected list of IKEA’s historical patterns from the 60’s to 2017. To bring the archive to life, selected patterns are projected on IKEA furnitures. | The interactives installations in the museum are expanded by a website hosting the drawing application and an online gallery. The website and the installations are connected : the patterns created in the museum are displayed on the gallery and the patterns created online are projected in the museum.

Interaction Design and production

Uncanny Valley Studio

Concept Development


Interior Design

Christina Levenborn


Raphaël Bartke

Furniture Design

Michael 'Emerzon' Ekberg

Network Engineering

Jonas Andersen


IKEA Museum

03.06.2017 → 14.04.2018


IKEA catalog launch event

28.08.2017 → 31.08.2017