For the 2019 Milan Design Week, IKEA and Sonos revealed their first collaboration: the Symfonisk speakers. For the event, we produced three interactive installation revolving around sound, music and the home.

Flow of sound is an audiovisual installation where users can make music and play with colorful pattern projected on bedroom furnitures. The user becomes the performer, bringing to life an electronic vibe made out of sounds taken from items traditionally found in the bedroom.

Sound Kitchen is an interactive kitchen where all items trigger sounds when touched. Open drawers, closets, trash bin, touch the cutlery, sink, blender... The music is brought to life, lights are bouncing, the rhythm animates the room.

Symfonisk Choir is an installation allowing the visitors to compose their own choir piece and vocal harmonies by simply opening cabinet doors. When opened, a cabinet acts as a separate voice in the choir.

Interaction Design and production

Uncanny Valley Studio

Concept Development


Interior Design

Christina Levenborn


Michael 'Emerzon' Ekberg


Ikea x Sonos Milan design week

01.09.2019 → 14.04.2019